Monday, March 7, 2016

Georgia Student Questions

Today, I asked my students what questions they would like to have Georgian's answer.  Please add your own questions in the comments sections.


How long ago was it a country?
Are there any more cool restaurants, like the McDonalds in Batumi?
What is a traditional Christmas?
Does their hair look different than ours?
What kind of clothing do they wear?
What is the legal age to drink?
What's your most popular food?
How do you count, like pronounce numbers, and write them?
Do you have language classes?
Do you have dance classes?
What is the weather?
How many different species of animals do they have?
What sports do they play?
What do they like to do?
Do you have pets?
What kind of music do you like?
What are some traditions that Georgians partake in?
Who are some of your celebrities?
Has there been any major terrorist activity or threats lately?
What flavor donuts do you have?
What do georgians love most about Georgia
What is one of their traditional dances.
How to women often wear their hair?
What is your favorite place in Georgia?
Do you like American food?

Do you guys have recess?
Do they have dressed codes at the school?
How long it their school day?
What time do they start and end school?
What kind of classes do they have?
How is school different from our schools?
How does the curriculum differ from the states?
How strict are behavior rules?
What are classes like?
Are the kids in Georgia excited to learn English?
What holidays do you celebrate?

What’s it like being a monk?

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