Saturday, March 12, 2016

The flight to Munich

Before the flight, I met with the other teachers. I found out that Milton is very small compared to many other schools. In Reno, Nevada, there high school is 2000 students and they only have two computer labs. In Raleigh North Carolina, there school is over 700 students, three times the amount of Milton's Middle School.


  1. Awesome pictures! Our classes really enjoyed hearing about the "cultural" facts. Are you able to get by in the streets with English?

  2. In Munich it was very easy to get by in the streets with English. In Tbilisi it was still possible but not as easy. In Akhaltsikhe it will not be doe easy. One thing I am learning is that the more languages you know the easier it is to get around. I am really wishing I knew another language other than English. It seems like a lot of people here know at two or three languages.