Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sapara Monastery

This monastery was originally built in the 6th century. There is a lot of history and it has been under Muslim, Mongol and Russian rule, just to name a few, and has seen many other changes. It had the feeling of a very peaceful place. I wish I was there by myself so I could just sit and look out at the mountains and meditate. They placed this monastery in the woods, so that it would be hidden from the invaders coning into Georgia.

This is only accessibly through ropes. There was one monk who lived here who was only able to get his food through ropes and pulleys. I could do that for about three days.

Bee keeping experts. They use the honey for food and for the candles inside the monastery.

My awesome travel partner, Google Trainer extraordinaire, Wendy from Middletown, NJ.

How many people, for how many millenniums have passed through this land?

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