Monday, March 21, 2016

Village School and Reading

I went and visited a village school. This had a very different feeling to the schools in Akhaltsikhe and Tbilisi. There were a total of 40 students in the school. Many of the students who attended this school were from families who were farmers. I went to a fifth grade classroom, where there were only four students in the class. It was interesting to see the fire place in the classroom. This classroom also served as the computer lab, which did have internet service and a projector. We got to see an English lesson. The students first interviewed each other in English and then they reported out on what they learned about the other person. Then they began a lesson on Shel Siverstein's, "The Giving Tree." Afterwards, they completed a word sort. Then the bell rang.

Irma teaching to her class of four.

I was a little shocked to see these images from the Georgian Orthodox Church in the classroom. When we talked to teacher, she mentioned that the entire population of the school is Georgian Orthodox. The teacher from the school in Akhaltsikhe said, that they could not do this in there school because there are Catholics, Muslims, and Georgian Orthodox students in the classroom.

We then went back to the school in Akhaltsikhe and taught a first grade class. We got to read to them. I read "Are You My Mother?" and my partner teacher, Wendy, read a Elephant and Piggie book. This was fun and I enjoyed being a teacher as opposed to an observer. Afterwards we played Baby Shark with the students, which is similar to "What Time is it Mr. Fox?" and then we taught them Duck, Duck, Goose. Then we got to see the biggest birthday celebration I have ever witnessed in a school. They put foot long sparklers on the cake and lit them. I do not think this would be allowed in Milton.

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