Saturday, March 12, 2016


Munich was absolutely awesome. When I walked out of the Subway and looked up at the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. I was just in awe. It reminded me of the first time I went to Fenway Park and saw the Green Monster and a professional baseball field for the first time. Despite being 4 degrees Celcius, or about 40 degree Fahrenheit, there were tons of people walking around and eating outside.

Unfortunately we only had to eat and walk around a little bit. At the restaurant, there we lots of enthusiastic European football (soccer) fans. Rooting the Bayern Munich Soccer Club. I ate a pretzel, along with Milton Bear, and Cream of Mushroom soup. My friends dishes included wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, and sauerkraut.

One of the nice things about Munich is that it was one of the few German cities not bombed and destroyed during World War II so there any many old buildings and churches still completely intact.

Below are some pictures:

Right outside of the Munich Airport

Our hotel we stayed at in Munich during our 10 hour layover.


Marienplatz and the Rathaus-Glockenspiel

Milton Bear in front of the Glockenspiel #miltonbear

Love this sculpture.

These are mechanical figures that move on top of the Glockenspiel at 5:00 everyday. It reenacts two story from 16th century Germany.

It seemed like every other building in Munich had a clock. This a clock that had the signs of the Zodiac.


Look familiar?

Lobster in Munich!
Recognize this store?

The Market

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